Jade Venter

"Much more than just a coach"
I am a passionate & dedicated NLP Practioner offering a variety of services to benefit you at any stage in your life OR career.

Areas Where I Can Assist You

Life is not made from a few blocks, a couple of people and limited influencers. It’s filled with triggers and events that shape your physical & emotional well-being.

Turning a dislike into a like
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Turning a like into a dislike
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Create an empowered state of mind
Building Rapport
Getting to know people’s representational language
Anchoring an empowering state
Conflict resolution
Deletion of negative beliefs
Deletion of negative emotions
Deletion of anxiety for certain triggers
Limiting decisions
Changing you in time and through time
Help in putting a single goal into your future
Value System

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There is a lot of power in getting a coach –  no one has ever gotten to where they want OR deserve to be without asking for help.